#RizonIRPG Idle RPG

Player Info

User: lulzor
Class: Tomato
Admin?: No
Level: 50
Next level: 4 days, 15:11:29
Status: Offline
Host: lulzor!TeufelER@Rizon-5FBFE776.rizonbnc.us.rizon.net
Account Created: Thu Dec 5 13:22:17 2013
Last login: Thu Dec 5 13:22:17 2013
Total time idled: 49 days, 18:02:41
Current position: [228,286]
Alignment: Neutral
XML: [link]


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amulet: 104 [Dwyn's Storm Magic Amulet]
boots: 280 [Mrquick's Magical Boots of Swiftness]
charm: 50
gloves: 47
helm: 63 [Mattt's Omniscience Grand Crown]
leggings: 50
ring: 73 [Juliet's Glorious Ring of Sparkliness]
shield: 48
tunic: 94 [Res0's Protectorate Plate Mail]
weapon: 175 [Drdink's Cane of Blind Rage]

sum: 984


kick: None
logout: None
mesg: None
nick: None
part: None
quest: None
quit: None

total: None